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Helping Hand by Trevor Claxton

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Image via CGHUB

This preview doesn’t do the image justice–click the image for a full view of this amazing work of art.

Trevor Claxton is a professional concept artist and illustrator of various fantasy and science fiction projects, primarily games.

This particular gem was commissioned by RPG-creator Eclipse Phase for their Panopticon sourcebook; apparently, players have the option of playing an intelligent, air-breathing octopus–either as a genetic ‘uplift’ or as a synthetically-created cyborg.

I get to play a cyber octopus?  Sounds like an awesome RPG to me.

Another Panopticon octopus by Claxton previously featured here.

Squid-inspired robot!

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Harvard researchers have created a boneless robot that moves pneumatically and can apparently limbo better than any human being.  The robot is an X-shaped “tetrapod,” each of its four limbs able to bend and flex when pressurized.  Cyber-octopus overlords like this one…

Image Via CG Hub

… must be just around the corner.

Read more about the inflatable tetrapod robot here.