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Roboman and the Squid Queen by Darrell Toland

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Image via CGHub


Bad Dream by Ken Kelly

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Infection by Eddie Mendoza

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Image Via Deviant Art

Now there’s a “Skrasch!” and “Ga-bloooog” and “Holy shit,” moment if I’ve ever seen one.

Suicide Artist by Patrick Purcell; Burnt by Selficide

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Tentacles… of crime.

Well, okay, so there aren’t any tentacles in this image, nor in the text of the ebook, available here.  But, honestly, I’m the lone admin of this blog–do you think I’d pass up the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote my first online publication?

From the self-written Product Description:

“In the future, we will upload our minds into masterplates. In the event of death, we can download ourselves into our own biofabricated replicas. As a species, humanity shall become functionally immortal.

“Suicide Artist is a near future noir about a compulsive cutter named Jan Eyesenck and his hired cinematographer. Together they create an independent video and distribute it to the illegal snuff market, offering millions of jaded viewers a glimpse at something new—suicide as performance art.

“After the success of his first video, Jan is approached by a shady producer willing to finance ten more. But before the eighth shoot can begin, things go horribly wrong…”

The story should appeal to fans of cyberpunk, sci fi and technothrillers.  It’s a 7600 word short story and it costs .99 cents.  No Kindle required–Amazon has free Kindle reading apps for PC/Mac/smartphone.

The cover art is by Selficide, an excellent photomanipulator and creator of dark-art portraits.  Here’s the original image:

My wife photoshopped in the titles.  Thanks wifey!

And just to show you that I’m not totally disingenuous, here’s another image by the same artist with tentacles:

I Bird by Hodongla

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Image Via CG Portfolio

This begins Part One of our Midwinter Tentacle Series…

Barbarella by Tattereddreams (Jessica Oyhenart-Ball)

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Image Via Deviant Art

We all know who Barbarella is, and how Duran Duran got their name from that dumb movie starring Hanoi Jane, etc.  There are many depictions of the infamous Barbarella, and this particular image isn’t the only one to feature tentacles–though it’s probably one of the best.  And that’s why it’s here!

Cacodaemon by Neil Blevins

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Image Via CG Society

The Artist Says:

“I’d hate to be marooned on a planet and have this thing walk out of the swirling dust, or worse yet a whole flock of them.”