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Steam Tale by Ulafish (Kindra Haugen)

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Image via Deviant Art

Happy 8th Anniversary, my wonderful wife!


LightBlind: Drow vs Mindflayer by Melissa Findley

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Image via Deviant Art

This work is a rare and perfect example of an artwork designed to be a wraparound book cover.

Here’s the mock cover…

… and here’s some details.

Apparently, the artist knows exactly how many mushrooms she painted into this picture, but she’d rather you not ask.

His Liquid Grave, by Meluseena (Lisa Falzon)

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Image via Deviant Art

Ms. Falzon writes and illustrates her own fiction, and she’s also a talented illustrator of children’s books.  His Liquid Grave seems to be one of her personal projects.

From the Author:

“Alas though it is true that many men of sailor persuasion enjoy a cold watery grave, for the ironically named Fortunato, it was the twin liquids of wine and sea that was to end him.

“While shored in the little port of Amaretto, the sailor quite by chance met the youthful fairheaded James Fitzgerald, a solictor who had a practice in this bitter little sea-town. Prone to an acuteness of sensitivity, Fortunato fell desperately in love over a shared pint of ale and a wink. The pair mantained a week-long torrid love affair conducted mostly in the alleyway between The Salty Hook alehouse and Moby Dick Laundry.

“But! While for our fair-haired solictor it was a very secret fling (he really intended to marry Miss Elizabeth Clare who came with a dowry and station) for Fortunato it was love.

“One night Fortunato spotted Mr. Fitzgerald and Ms. Clare by their carraige, in the light of the gas lamps. Well doused in Ma’am Esme’s famed gut-rotting homemade rosé from the Salty Hook, he launched into a heart-rending proclamation of love that drew an amused crowd of lookie-loos from the alehouse.

“And oh what treachery ensued! The youthful solictor denied any knowledge of poor drunk and swaying Fortunato, he denied even ever having seen him! After launching some well-placed and witty insults in poor Fortunato’s direction, he scooped a bewildered Miss. Clare into the carraige and shot Fortunato a look of such disdain as would have felled even less sensitive sailors than our ineptly-named protagonist.

“Rocked with woe and ridiculed by his fellows from the alehouse, Fortunato wandered to the pier and took to drinking more and more rosé till in drunken folly he fell in and never rose above the surface. Vito McCarthy, who watched it happen from the alehouse’s grimy windows, swears he saw the tentacle arm of the local seamonster curl about Fortunato’s ankle and pull him in. But he was well in his cups and some say, even on his sober days, he’s never really there, you know.

“All they ever found of Fortunato was his hat washed-up on the shingle, and it it is said that his ghost roams Amaretto still, so that he became something of a celebrity in death. His hat was sold at an impromptu auction in market-day, and was bought for stupid amounts of money by a mysterious cloaked and hatted solicitor, to be lamented and wept on later in private, no doubt.”

Disappointed Ember by Ariokh (a.k.a. Cabbibalcandy, a.k.a. “Izzy”)

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Image via Deviant Art

This is a fine representative sample of Ariokh “Izzy” Cannibalcandy’s surreal concept art.

Daily Dot | Fans cry censorship as tentacle rape game pulled from Kickstarter

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Daily Dot | Fans cry censorship as tentacle rape game pulled from Kickstarter.

The illustrated card game called Tentacle Bento has been booted off of crowd-funding finance site Kickstarter over allegations of an apparent “rape theme.”  Fun for the whole family?  No, not really.  Watch Soda Pop Miniatures promo and see for yourself:

That’s right, Soda Pop needs your money… so that they can afford to hire talent this isn’t so obvious about reading cue cards.

It’s a “party game” for three or more players, each player assuming the role of an Alien Tentacle Beast somehow “disguised” as a student enrolled at Takoashi, an all-female college.

“Sweet and adorable anime schoolgirls frolic through the halls of Takoashi, while the creeping tentacles of the offending aliens lie just out of site, waiting to snatch their next victim.”

Playing cards come in three primary flavors–student cards, location cards and action cards.  When presented with this trio, the player can score a “snatch” (heh).  Kind of reminiscent of the board game Clue, isn’t it?  The player can claim, “I just raped Sport Spice in the Library with a Lime Popsicle.”

Cards come in four suits: Cute, Sexy, Sporty and Smart.  Multiple student “snatch action” is possible if all relevant cards are of the same suit.

In Soda Pop’s defense, the word “rape” isn’t used in the product description.  But is an outcry of “censorship” really justified?  Kickstarter is a private company with a public-relations profile to worry about.  But I also think the backlash against this card game is a bit ridiculous, if unsurprising.  The game seems too innocuous to appeal to true Hentai fans, and too obvious in its central theme to fall into the wrong hands, as in… who?  The Young & Innocent?  Oh, come on.

So who gets hurt?  Who cares?

Tentacle Bento has since moved to a private crowd-funding site, so if you want to follow the development of the game, or finance it, or hate on it, click here.

Tentacle Goes WHERE?

by UnassumingPumpkin

Helping Hand by Trevor Claxton

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Image via CGHUB

This preview doesn’t do the image justice–click the image for a full view of this amazing work of art.

Trevor Claxton is a professional concept artist and illustrator of various fantasy and science fiction projects, primarily games.

This particular gem was commissioned by RPG-creator Eclipse Phase for their Panopticon sourcebook; apparently, players have the option of playing an intelligent, air-breathing octopus–either as a genetic ‘uplift’ or as a synthetically-created cyborg.

I get to play a cyber octopus?  Sounds like an awesome RPG to me.

Another Panopticon octopus by Claxton previously featured here.

Orangina Series, Affiche & Meduse; Geisha; LE CHRISTIANISME PEUT-IL SAUVER LE MONDE by Antoine Helbert

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Antoine Helbert, if you haven’t heard of him, is a universally acclaimed French illustrator.  He’s probably most famous for his Orangina series, depicting a variety of anthropomorphized critters in racy poses–you furries out there are already aware of this artist, I’m sure.

For the rest of you, here’s the original animated ad, inspired by Helbert’s illustrations:

(Note: For clarification, Helbert did not work on the 3D animated commercial… forgive me, but I have no idea who did.)

In addition to his lovingly rendered human-animal hybrids, Antoine Helbert’s body of work also features superhero fan art (even racier) and neo-traditional pinups.  When he isn’t working on a commission, he’s the scenic painter for the Strasbourg Opera (in Strasbourg, France).  His general technique is to hand-paint an oil-on-canvas image that he’ll finish in Photoshop, and the finished images look airbrush-perfect.  The results speak for themselves–exquisite, colorful and unique.

Here are a few more of his tentacled images:

All Images Via