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Octopus by *Rode Egel (Eric Snelleman)

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Gamochonia by Ernst Haeckel

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He was Darwin’s biggest German-language promoter.  He drew up his own genealogic tree of life, and coined several terms still used in modern biology (including phylogeny, stem cell, ecology and Protista).  He discovered, described and illustrated thousands of new species. Two mountains and an asteroid bear his name.  Ernst Haeckel was a true Renaissance Man–part philosopher, part scientist, part artist.

Pope’s Astronomer Willing to Baptize Tentacled Aliens!

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“Religion Will Eat You Alive” by Bruno Daniel

I know!  Right?

Guy Consolmagno, one of the Vatican’s few astronomers, said yesterday, “Any entity, no matter how many tentacles it has… has a soul.”

In context, Guy was referring to aliens from outer space.  His statement, however, should be interpreted as a blow against intolerance by all Catholic cephalopods, ammonites and bivalves worldwide.