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Daily Dot | Fans cry censorship as tentacle rape game pulled from Kickstarter

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Daily Dot | Fans cry censorship as tentacle rape game pulled from Kickstarter.

The illustrated card game called Tentacle Bento has been booted off of crowd-funding finance site Kickstarter over allegations of an apparent “rape theme.”  Fun for the whole family?  No, not really.  Watch Soda Pop Miniatures promo and see for yourself:

That’s right, Soda Pop needs your money… so that they can afford to hire talent this isn’t so obvious about reading cue cards.

It’s a “party game” for three or more players, each player assuming the role of an Alien Tentacle Beast somehow “disguised” as a student enrolled at Takoashi, an all-female college.

“Sweet and adorable anime schoolgirls frolic through the halls of Takoashi, while the creeping tentacles of the offending aliens lie just out of site, waiting to snatch their next victim.”

Playing cards come in three primary flavors–student cards, location cards and action cards.  When presented with this trio, the player can score a “snatch” (heh).  Kind of reminiscent of the board game Clue, isn’t it?  The player can claim, “I just raped Sport Spice in the Library with a Lime Popsicle.”

Cards come in four suits: Cute, Sexy, Sporty and Smart.  Multiple student “snatch action” is possible if all relevant cards are of the same suit.

In Soda Pop’s defense, the word “rape” isn’t used in the product description.  But is an outcry of “censorship” really justified?  Kickstarter is a private company with a public-relations profile to worry about.  But I also think the backlash against this card game is a bit ridiculous, if unsurprising.  The game seems too innocuous to appeal to true Hentai fans, and too obvious in its central theme to fall into the wrong hands, as in… who?  The Young & Innocent?  Oh, come on.

So who gets hurt?  Who cares?

Tentacle Bento has since moved to a private crowd-funding site, so if you want to follow the development of the game, or finance it, or hate on it, click here.

Tentacle Goes WHERE?

by UnassumingPumpkin


Skin Weed by Kyena

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Image Via Deviant Art

Natascha Roosli, who goes by the handle “Kyena,” was commissioned by Fantasy Flight Games to produce this illustration of… well, I don’t know what it is, exactly.

Skin weed?  Can’t be good.  Better spray some Roundup on that thing, dude.

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