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Fluffy Animal Mind Control by Imaginism

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Image Via Deviant Art

Poor lil’ Fluffy…

Weeeeeeeeeeell, at least she stopped clawing up the couch, eh?


Red Riding Hood by Bobby Chiu

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Image Via CG Society

From the Artist:

“In my version, little Red Riding Hood is actually an alien and the wolf is her obedient alien servant.  You can make up the rest of the story…”

…so the wolf devours Grandma in order to steal her identity/bodysnatch her.  Red liquidates Grandma’s accounts in order to invest in her latest internet startup: a calamari delivery service.  After she’s dispatched her canine servant to eliminate their only competition (Three Little Pigs and a Truck), Red is well on her way to Taking Over the World…

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