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DyE music Video “Fantasy”, Animation by Jeremie Perin

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A Lovecraftian anime that’ll make your brain bleed.  Not Safe For Work, yo.


Orangina Series, Affiche & Meduse; Geisha; LE CHRISTIANISME PEUT-IL SAUVER LE MONDE by Antoine Helbert

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Antoine Helbert, if you haven’t heard of him, is a universally acclaimed French illustrator.  He’s probably most famous for his Orangina series, depicting a variety of anthropomorphized critters in racy poses–you furries out there are already aware of this artist, I’m sure.

For the rest of you, here’s the original animated ad, inspired by Helbert’s illustrations:

(Note: For clarification, Helbert did not work on the 3D animated commercial… forgive me, but I have no idea who did.)

In addition to his lovingly rendered human-animal hybrids, Antoine Helbert’s body of work also features superhero fan art (even racier) and neo-traditional pinups.  When he isn’t working on a commission, he’s the scenic painter for the Strasbourg Opera (in Strasbourg, France).  His general technique is to hand-paint an oil-on-canvas image that he’ll finish in Photoshop, and the finished images look airbrush-perfect.  The results speak for themselves–exquisite, colorful and unique.

Here are a few more of his tentacled images:

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Echos der Buchrucken–Zoltar by AlMaNeGrA (Martin de Diego Sadaba)

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Image Via Deviant Art

Martin de Diego Sadaba is an artist of rare genius who creates disturbing, in-your-face scenes that seem to come straight from Hell.  This image in particular was commissioned to illustrate the work of indie film director Velasco Broca, called Echos der Buchrucken.  Check out Martin’s gallery, as well as this preview of nutty strangeness featuring the galactic adventures of Jaime de Funis and Arancha.

You can purchase the full DVD here.

Screenshot from “Super” (2010)

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Haven’t seen this movie yet.  It ranked 57% on the Tomatometer, so it’s obviously not for everyone, the Tentacular Awesomeness not withstanding. And Kevin Bacon is in it, so how could it not be good? Everything is better with Bacon!

I’ll give this flick a watch and post an update sometime in the near future.

Here’s the official trailer: