What can I say?  Tentacles speak for themselves!

…or do they?

I’m not an artist, but I love art.  I like photo-realistic sci fi art, surrealistic fantasy art, old school illustration, macro photography, digital speedpaints, concept art, pin up girls, dark photomanipulations, et cetera.

I also collect art.  I’m especially fond of depictions of futuristic cities.  Also, devil-bunny art, Lovecraftian art and post-human pinups.

My first favorite artist was Arthur Rackham, my second was H. R. Giger.  Then there was Berkey, Roger Dean, Frazetta, Ralph Steadman, Salvador Dali, and now I could list dozens.  My all time favorite magazine is OMNI, and I’ve often entertained myself with the delusion that one day I could be the art director of a similar science digest.

Well, I guess I may as well start small than never start at all.  And if I must choose a theme, it may as well be a specific one.  But what a theme “tentacles” turned out to be!  All kinds of artists feature tentacles in their art.  Tentacles are a favorite motif for some artists, whereas others might only feature a tentacle or two in a single work.  Whether they’re prominently displayed or cleverly hidden beneath the couch, tentacles cross all thematic boundaries and are featured in every style of art.

Sure, tentacles are famously associated with Hentai sleaze and cheap sci fi chills, but also with cosmic horror, deep undersea discoveries and black pools of the unknown; that shadowy other that lurks beyond all mortal ken.

Anyway, enjoy the experiment.



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