Tattoos & Tentacles Series by Julian Murray

Maybe it’s just me… but I think the whole “nipples showing through the membrane” look is pretty hot.  Am I wrong?

… on the other hand, maybe this photo shoot just a dumb and pointless juxtaposition of hot, tattooed female flesh and dead sushi…

… and boobz.

What do you think?

4 Responses to “Tattoos & Tentacles Series by Julian Murray”

  1. These shots are so creative and shockingly hot too.

  2. Yup. And does that third chick also have a fake leg with tattoos? That’s gotta make it more of the above comment. Incredibly shockingly hot and doubly creative for sure.

    Art, and done very well.

  3. yes that is a fake leg, she’s amina munster! she was a suicide girl. and if i am correct kat von d is the one who did the art on it.
    this shoot is hot, and the nipples showing through make it better. their bodies are beautyfull!

  4. Who Are all the girls?

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